Our People

Neighbourhood Collective Australia is a grass roots not-for-profit organisation that grew out of the Neighbourhood around The Old Church on the Hill in Quarry Hill, Victoria. All the members of our governance structure are committed to this grass roots approach to the Neighbourhood, where is it not about an external organisation coming in to solve the problems of the community, but it is the community responding out of its strength – this approach has been referred to by some as Asset Based Community Development, if you are interested in this approach, this TED talk sums it up well. This has led us to a slightly different-to-convention governance structure where the is board is primarily made up of members from the local Neighbourhood, as well as this, the CEO (Rose Vincent) and COO (Josh Calder) are also members of the board. This means that the board is well connected to the operation of the organisation and to the vision of the neighbourhood. These roles are paid positions, however, the work they perform as Board Members is volunteer. Board Members, Staff, and their families are active community members and participants in the life of their neighbourhood, they also volunteer their time on a weekly basis around the Old Church on the Hill including in the community garden, cooking meals, and building projects.